FARIMAN was born in the first day of march (1985) in Tehran/ Iran. He's a singer/ songwriter and Musician.

He started music professionally when he was nineteen. At the age of 20 he started to write his own songs . After 2 years he decided to compose and record his first album. during that time he was performing at the various places like the Embassies, The concert halls and ... FARIMAN never stop writing and now he's written more than 60 songs which hopefully are going to be released someday.

Last summer he was invited to Finland for a Music Festival and for his own Concert in Jakobstad on the greatest cities of Finland. He performed 6 nights, Each night he performed for over 2000 audience. 
During his journey in Finland he had a interview for one the most popular news papers in Finland, 
He talked about himself and his career and most important about his music life in Iran where He can't have permission to perform his own songs in public. 
He was known as a first Iranian performer who performed his English songs in Finland
8 month ago he created his own home studio and 2 months later he started to record his first album. 
The album has 9 tracks which are going to be released as soon as possible.


FARIMAN: It hurts me when I can't sing my songs in my country, for my people but this limit helps me and gives me so many ideas that I can use them in my songs. That's what makes this album so special.


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